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San Diego County, California

Photo by Jeff Holt

Service Learning

Service learning provides instruction through experiential education and offers students opportunities to learn both in the classroom and the wider world.  Service Learning projects on Volcan Mountain will teach ecology and conservation lessons through hands-on activities, while also instilling respect for nature and the world around us. 

Planting trees is one way that groups can learn the importance of conservation as participants learn about and care for trees.  Recent back to back fires have left portions of Volcan Mountain in a depleted condition.  Even though nature can recover over time, we can help it along as we understand the importance of forestry practices.

Service Learning projects can include planting trees, removing non-native plants, and helping to maintain VMF’s interpretive trail.  Participants will enjoy an outdoor adventure as well as contributing to Volcan’s ecological health.

Schedule a Volcan Mountain Service Learning opportunity by contacting the VMF Administrative Assistant via e-mail; or phone, VMF Office:  760-765-2300