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Auction Bidding: Alaska Aialik Glacier Kayak Day Trip

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You are bidding on two tickets for a kayaking adventure out of Seward Alaska offered by Kayak Adventures International.  Bidding is available now online, and on Sunday March 26th at the VMF Dinner Dance and Auction.  Get your tickets and bid live to ensure your win!

Description: A great reason to plan a trip to Alaska! Enjoy 2+ hours on the boat ride out to Aialik Bay, where you'll often encounter whales, sea lions, mountain goats, sea otters, and other wildlife on the way. Better than a large tour boat ride, the water taxi that KAW uses is small and provides an intimate experience with your guide and the captain. Learn all about the area, the wildlife you see, and hear great Alaskan stories while you pass the day with people filled with local knowledge and experience. Once in the fjords, you'll spend the day paddling to Aialik Glacier, which is a very actively calving tidewater glacier, and often massive chunks of ice will plummet into the sea below. Harbor seals curiously poke their heads through the floating ice chunks to watch you paddle by, and often black bears wander the beaches and hillsides nearby. Expires: 9/1/17
More Information: Go to www.kayakak.com/aialikbaydaytrip/ for full trip details.
Value: $798
Proceeds Benefit: The Volcan Mountain Foundation
Bidding Deadline: Early online bidding closes 5pm, Friday, March 17, 2017;  In-person bidding at the VMF Dinner Dance and Auction closes at the event, Sunday, March 26, 2017
Terms: - Winning bidder is responsible for payment at the Volcan Mountain Foundation offices by Tuesday, March 28th, 2017.
Bid Date Time Bidder
Opening $400