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Make a Donation and Help Us Meet the Pintos' Preservation Matching Challenge!


To the many donors that have already stepped up to meet the challenge -- THANK YOU!

Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate

They've done it again! Will you! Will you meet the challenge and make a donation to support conservation on Volcan Mountain?

Your contribution is essential to meeting a new preservation matching challenge set by Michael and Meili Pinto. For their part, the Pintos will match EVERY dollar raised as part of this challenge, up to $15,000.

Will you please do your part? A gift of any size will help ensure that we can meet our ambitious goal of raising $15,000 -- now until October 31, 2019.

Every $1 donation becomed $2, and the $15,000 we raise becomes $30,000 for land preservation on Volcan Mountain.

Local conservation is as critical as ever to global sustainability.

A recent UN report on climate change underscores the important role that local land preservation organizations, like the Volcan Mountain Foundation, play in protecting and stewarding natural ecosystems -- our clean air and water, and where wildlife make their home!!

The report confirms that, from a scientific standpoint, LAND CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT ARE CENTRAL to how the world can mitigate climate change.

YOU are a vital part of this Volcan Mountain community and our shared mission to protect the biodiverse wildlands, native wildlife and water sources of the Volcan Mountains locally -- a mission which is integrally connected to broader global sustainability efforts.

Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate

Please 'act locally and think globally' and give generously so that we reach the necessary $15,000 match and raise $30,000 to preserve Volcan Mountain.

Please make your 2019 Matching Challenge gift…today:

  • Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate
  • Phone the friendly staff in the VMF office at 760-765-2300 (M-F from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)