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Giving & Receiving: Gifts From and For Nature on #GivingTuesday

The #GivingTuesday movement is an exciting and tangible response to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now Grey Thursday(?!)—can’t we please keep calling it Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays-even with the running around to visit family—I feel so blessed to have family whom I want to be with to run around to.  I also love to cook and bake, and share the bounty with others.

The day after Thanksgiving, instead of trying to fight the crowds and find Black Friday deals, my son and I reveled in nature’s gifts.  As we ventured down to the Santa Ysabel creekbed at the Santa Ysabel Preserve West, we shared time with each other, and soaked in the gorgeous day and autumn beauty of the preserve.  Many of us have already known intuitively that nature gives us psychological, social, emotional and cognitive benefits.  That intuition is now being backed up and enhanced by the exciting field of neuroconservation—the neuroscience of nature, and the science of awe!

Today Mother Nature is also blessing us with much needed rain that will help to recharge our groundwater, and start to restore our lakes and reservoirs.  A healthy watershed community is critical to ensuring clean and abundant water.  There is so much that nature gives us for which to be thankful.

#GivingTuesday, now in just its third year, is an exciting to opportunity to make a statement about what really matters.  Healthy and protected nature matters!

Nature is the star, but there is a critical supporting cast that helps to make sure that despite all the threats from population growth, pollution, climate change and more, there is, and always will be, wild expanses like the Volcan Mountain range to preserve wildlife, protect our water sources, and provide access for us to connect with nature.

The Volcan Mountain Foundation, along with its many partners, is part of the supporting cast that helps to ensure that nature will always be the shining star in San Diego County.  Won’t you please be a part of this movement of giving?

You can make a secure online gift today by CLICKING HERE TO GIVE NOW!   

Do you want to be an active part of the supporting cast?  You can add your name, interests and skills to VMF’s volunteer list and give your time and talents to protect the Volcan Mountain range’s water, wildlands and wildlife.  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER!

Many of us will still be shopping for gifts this season.  You can also support the Volcan Mountain Foundation through 'charitable shopping'!  Selecting the Volcan Mountain (Preserve) Foundation on GoodSearch/GoodShop or AmazonSmile gives a portion of your shopping and searching activity back to protect the Volcan Mountain range.

Giving goes hand in hand with receiving….and thanking.  Thank you for supporting the ongoing conservation efforts of the Volcan Mountain Foundation to protect and preserve the Volcan Mountain range for all generations!  During this busy holiday season, my wish is that you too make time to connect with family and nature. 

Happy Trails & Holidays!
Colleen Bradley
Volcan Mountain Foundation, Executive Director

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