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San Diego County, California

A Time of Change and New Adventures

It's a time of change at the Volcan Mountain Foundation. Our longtime Executive Director, Colleen Bradley, is pursuing an exciting work opportunity, moving to be closer to family and finding new adventures.

I join with current board members, and all who have served with Colleen, in celebrating her enormous contributions to VMF over the past eleven years.

In every way the foundation is stronger because of her exemplary leadership, intelligence, creativity and, above all, dedication to the mission of preserving Volcan Mountain for all generations. She has earned our enduring thanks!

Eric Jones
President, VMF

I feel so fortunate to have had this wonderful opportunity these past eleven years to be a part of the Volcan Mountain Foundation and the mission to protect the Volcan Mountains. Along with the mission, it's the people -- all of YOU -- in the Volcan community that have lifted me up and inspired me.

I couldn't do this by myself. And although I will miss the daily connections with everyone, I still plan to stay involved, connected and part of the mission. I'm so appreciative to have had the opportunity to lead Team VMF -- THANK YOU!


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