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San Diego County, California

Cara Dacus paints the trees

Plein Aire Painters on Volcan Mountain

On a beautiful October afternoon 10 plein aire painters and photograhers documented Volcan in the autumnal light.

The Painters: Stan Goudy, Bettie Rikensrud, Joe Garcia, Annie Dover, Cara Dacus, and Jim Lydick.

The Photographers: Jeff Holt, Chris and Liz Jacobsen and Kathleen Beck.

The painters captured the textures and colors through paint, and the photographers captured shapes and hues through their lenses.

Ferguson Flat is one of the rare places in San Diego County where one can document the desert view to the east, and the rest of San Diego County to the west.

We will go again in the Spring. Let us know if you'd like to join us!  Click here to e-mail Kathleen Beck or phone at 760-765-2548.

We plan to return again during the rest of the year to capture the beauty on canvas and film that inspires so many of us to save the beautiful wild places of Volcan Mountain.

Title Image: 
Bettie Rikensrud catches the light
Additional Photos: 
photo by Kathleen Beck
photo by Jeff Holt