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San Diego County, California

Trees Are Terrific!

Trees Are Terrific!
3.0 hours
What makes trees different than other plants? Do trees eat, drink, and breathe? Explore the terrific world of trees on Volcan Mountain where you will be surrounded by a wide variety of trees that are only found only in the highest elevations of San Diego. Students will investigate, compare, and learn the adaptations of these magnificent mountain tree species.
Students will walk through a riparian habitat and hear the story of Old Grandmother Oak. They will use their senses and learn the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Students will compare different leaf types, bark, and seeds to determine their different characteristics. Visit a “tree cemetery” where the FBI (decomposers) helps acorns to grow and learn about the great circle of life. Finally, each student will receive and decorate their own tree cookie to take home with them. Contact Us to Learn More and Schedule Your Nature Adventure!