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San Diego County, California

Private Property Rights Protection Notice

Adopted by Volcan Mountain Foundation Board of Directors

December, 2018

STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLE: The Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF), a nonprofit foundation respects private property rights and has pledged not to infringe upon those rights to implement its goals and objectives. To ensure that private property rights are respected, VMF has adopted the following specific guidelines for private property rights protection:

Eminent Domain: VMF will not recommend nor participate in a hostile condemnation. When it acquires property or participates in property acquisition as a facilitator, VMF supports compensating property owners for the fair market value of their property.

Focused Planning Area: The focused planning area for the Volcan Mountain Foundation is a planning boundary containing both private and public land in the vicinity of the Volcan Mountains range. The focused Planning Area encompasses the ridges and foothills as well as the viewshed of the Volcan Mountains range.  It is consistent with the VMF mission to facilitate acquisition of land from willing property owners when that land is deemed to have great environmental value.

Farming and Ranching: VMF supports the continued use of private property for farming and ranching purposes. The Volcan Mountain Foundation encourages agriculture as a substantial portion of land use in the Focus Planning Area and continued ranching consistent with historical use of the land. VMF has not and will not interfere with a property owner's rights or ability to farm or conduct ranching operations.