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San Diego County, California

Volcan Mountain Foundation

Mission, Vision & Goals

Why is Volcan Mountain important to preserve?

  • Abundant water
  • Unique habitat and wildlife with sensitive, rare and endangered species
  • Wildlife corridors, connectivity and open space
  • Cultural history
  • Recreation

Rising over 5,000 feet, the Volcan Mountain range is the dominant scenic feature for a significant portion of San Diego's backcountry and visible from the Pacific coastline 60 miles away.  It is one of the last privately-owned and relatively untouched areas of Southern California and is an extraordinary natural treasure which must be preserved for future generations.

The mission of the Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) is to strive with intention to conserve and acquire land and practice respectful stewardship through education, public outreach, and resource management to preserve Volcan Mountain in its natural state for future generations.

Who is (and should be) concerned about preserving Volcan Mountain?
All those in San Diego County benefit by preserving the habitat, water and open space resources of Volcan Mountain.  The board members and supporters of the Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) include Julian and backcountry residents, as well as, residents from all around San Diego County.  There are many national and regional partner organizations and agencies that work with VMF year after year to preserve Volcan Mountain for future generations.  Our partners include:
• AmeriCorps
• Anza-Borrego Foundation
• Bureau of Land Management
• California Department of Fish & Game
• California State Parks-Anza-Borrego & Cuyamaca Rancho State Parks
• Camp Stevens
• San Diego County Department of Parks & Recreation
• San Diego River Park Foundation
• San Dieguito River Park
• San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy
• The Nature Conservancy
• The Trust for Public Land
• US Forestry Service-Cleveland National Forest

How is Volcan Mountain being preserved?
Working with our conservancy partners, VMF’s vision includes:
• Acquisition of land for preservation from willing sellers
• Outdoor Education & Public Outreach to inform SD County residents and visitors about ecology and Volcan’s importance
• Respectful stewardship of the land by developing and modeling sustainable management practices and methods, including:
o management of non-native species
o reintroduction of long-lost native species
o restoring and reforestation of burned & disturbed habitat
o research and monitoring of post-fire plant and animal reestablishment

Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) Goals
-Facilitate land acquisitions in the Volcan Mountain range from willing sellers for preservation
-Create an outdoor classroom/research facility on Volcan Mountain that will give visitors of all ages hands on experience about caring for our natural surroundings and support research and habitat management
-Support the creation of a central backcountry nature/interpretive facility that will promote awareness of recreational opportunities in and around Volcan, further awareness of VMF’s and conservancy partners’ missions-including watershed education, and natural and cultural resource protection