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San Diego County, California

VMF Wildlife Imaging Team (WIT) Volunteer Form

The Volcan Mountain Foundation's Wildlife Imaging Team (WITs) maintains six wildlife cameras to gather information on wildlife movements on Volcan Mountain.  The WITs need additional volunteers to help with:

  • maintaining the camera sites
  • retrieving camera cards from each of the six cameras on a monthly schedule
  • downloading the images to a computer that the WITs maintain at VMF's Volcan Mountain Nature Center

These activities involve approximately 2-3 hours per volunteer per month.  The scenery is beautiful, the images are inspiring, and the work is critical to conserving wildlife on Volcan Mountain.  Current WITs volunteers are available to train new recruits and no previous experience with wildlife cameras is required.

Please join the team today and help us keep our WITs about us!

Yes, I'd like to become part of VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team: