Volcan Mountain Foundation

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San Diego County, California

VMF Guardian Award

"In recognition of their exemplary commitment to protecting and preserving, for all time, the extraordinary natural treasure that is the Volcan Mountain range"

Award Recipients

2024 Jonathan Appelbaum
2023 Pat Straube
2022 Toni L Alsager-Marquette & Mark Marquette
2021 Larry Hendrickson
2020 Greg Schuett
2019 Carol Pike
2018 Peter and Vicki Bergstrom
2017 Joseph and Marjorie Rubenson
2016 The Honorable Dianne Jacob
2015 Cliff and Carolyn Colwell
2014 Dianne Coombs
2013 Keith and Priscilla Webb
2012 Larry and Susan Favrot
2011 James and Anne Hubbell
2010 Dan and Althea Brimm