Volcan Mountain Foundation

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San Diego County, California

Conservation and Stewardship

As both landowner and stakeholder within the 15-mile long Volcan Mountain Range, the Volcan Mountain Foundation seeks to understand the conservation values that make the Volcan Mountains such an important area to protect and preserve. Fed by abundant source waters deep below the earth's surface, Volcan's unique and biodiverse upland wildlands offer rich habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.

Understanding the ecology and changing conditions of the Volcan Mountains is essential to informing land management practices and preservation efforts that will keep Volcan wild for all generations.

Collaborations with partner organizations, institutions and agencies are key to robust, scientifically-grounded assessment, monitoring, research and stewardship efforts. Areas of focus are on forest and watershed health and restoration, invasive species management, rare plant surveys, and wildlife and bird monitoring.

Some of VMF's Conservation-Stewardship activities offer opportunities for 'citizen scientists' to participate. If you might be interested in learning more and/or volunteering as part of VMF's Conservation-Stewardship efforts please contact the VMF office at: info@volcanmt.org or 760-765-2300.