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San Diego County, California

Headwaters of Hahachepahg on Volcan Mountain

Headwaters of Hahachepahg on Volcan Mountain
4.0 hours
Volcan Mountain stands tall at 5,200’ elevation and feeds fresh water to four of San Diego’s watersheds and is the headwaters of the San Dieguito River that flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar. On this exciting adventure, students will discover where the water comes from on Volcan Mountain and how it travels through watersheds or “waterhoods” of diverse plants, animals, and people on its way to the ocean.
Students will create a “rainstorm” on our 3D map of Volcan Mountain and conduct scientific investigations to determine water quality. Students will travel to the ancient headwaters at Ironside Spring to see where San Dieguito River begins. After lunch, the hike on the Sky Island Trail culminates in a spectacular view of the San Dieguito River watershed. On a clear day it is possible to see the ocean ― the final destination of the water that originates on Volcan Mountain!
The native Kumeyaay people have long-known that Volcan Mountain is an ancient and magical life-giving place, naming it “Hahachepahg,” "Place where the water comes down.".