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San Diego County, California

Photo by Colleen Bradley

Outdoor Education

Have you ever wondered what the mountains of San Diego have to offer?  Come find out! 

The Volcan Mountain Foundation's Education Program offers a variety of eduducation venues which include:

1. Interpretive guided hikes along our 1.5-mile Sky Island Trail with views as far as the coast.

2. Citizen science and stewardship projects.  

3. Wildcrafting workshops.

4. Nature studies for youth groups that meet science standards for grades 1 - 12.  Here students get a deeper understanding of plant and animal communities, as well as the concepts of energy and water cycles.                Classes are held at “The Keith and Priscilla Webb and Family Education Center."

5. Customized outings can also be coordinated for a wide variety of groups, including: scout, family, service, and conservation organizations.  We will try to meet your specific needs to support an introduction to nature.

Schedule a Volcan Mountain field outing by contacting VMF's Engagement Coordinator, Susan Meyer, at 760-765-2300. You can also email her at susan@volcanmt.org.

VMF Outdoor Education Programs for Youth Groups and Schools