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San Diego County, California

Watershed Investigators

Watershed Investigators (Grade 4-5)
2.5 hours
It’s a fact that everyone lives in a watershed. But what is a watershed and which one do you live in? Is the water clean? How can you tell? Practice your detective skills and investigate how water travels through watersheds or “waterhoods” of diverse plants, animals, and people on its way from Volcan Mountain to the ocean.
Students will begin their quest with a visit to the Volcan Mountain Nature Center to participate in a hands-on interactive demonstration of how watersheds function by creating a "rainstorm" over a 3D relief map of Volcan Mountain. Discover why the native Kumeyaay people called this ancient place, “Where the water comes from.” In addition, students will learn how pollution affects the watershed by conducting chemical tests of the water in the stream to determine its ability to support life. After lunch, investigators will explore the riparian Watershed Trail. Contact Us to Learn More and Schedule Your Nature Adventure!