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San Diego County, California

Artist Joe Garcia on the VMF Paint Out; photo by John Raifsnider

Volcan Mountain plein aire art featured at the Julian Library

VMF's first plein aire painting event took place on October 22, 2011 when local artists and photographers attended a day on Ferguson Flat, Volcan Mountain, to document its beauty in the autumn light.  The artists are laying down the history of the mountain through documenting their experiences there.   They look at areas others may not see in specific light and season, and create works of beauty from their origins.  On view at the library, beginning on January 17th, are works of art by: Kathleen Beck, Coko Brown, Annie Dover, Joe Garcia, Stan Goudy, James Lydick, Bettie Rikansrud, and Sally Snipes.


Views of the mountain have been preserved by artists through many inspired efforts in the past:  The Hubbell gateway, Clint Powell’s Bench, and the many paintings donated over the years for the Volcan Mountain Foundation’s annual Dinner Dance & Auction, which is coming up on Sunday, March 4th.  Look forward to more art events in the spring and join us as we continue our journey through 'Art on the Mountain'.  Contact Kathleen Beck, VMF Education Coordinator at vmfeducation@volcanmt.org or 760-765-2300 for more information.

“That which is loved tends to be protected”

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Artist Bettie Rikansrud on the VMF Paint Out; photo by Kathleen Beck