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Conservation Art Classes in Watercolor


What is conservation art? It is an art project that helps to elucidate why we need to conserve, or save, a particular species. In these classes we will be learning what is so unique about our oak and conifer forests. Our living models will show us what is so spectacular about them.


The classes will be held in the Grand Land that belongs to the Volcan Mountain Foundation at the end of Farmers Road at the base of Volcan Mountain.


This series of 3 classes will be held on August mornings from 8-10:30am the first week of August: Monday the 5th, Wednesday the 7th and Friday the 9th.

Ages 12 to adult are recommended.


The cost will be $20 per class or $60 for the series. The cost will include materials for painting. The student will bring home several well crafted, forest inspired works of art.


Watercolorists Connie Newgard and Jim Lydick will teach the lessons and Kathleen Beck will elucidate the conservation aspects.


Please contact Kathleen Beck at 760 518 3273 for more information.

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