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Kids Summer Sessions & Many Other VMF Programs Benefit From Your Donations-PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY

Your donation today helps support programs like the 2015 Volcan Mountain Foundation Summer Sessions for Kids that were expanded this year to three weeks of 3-day sessions and the participation increased as well! Kids--and many parents!--learned about the forest and watershed of the Volcan Mountain Range, and it's native plants and animals.

One mom's note of appreciation: "(my son) and I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Volcan Mountain Foundation's summer program for kids. It was wonderful and perfect for us! We both thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. This nature conservancy organization is doing wonderful things for our local environment and preserving a precious treasure. I look forward to being more and more involved with them as opportunities present themselves..."

There's much more to come this fall and spring, with VMF's collaboration in the Coast to Crest Watershed Explorers program.

No participants were turned away from these important, affective and immersive nature experiences...despite financial considerations for a number of families.

Your contributions are what make it possible to take care of VMF's conserved lands, and continue to nurture our next generations of nature-lovers. These budding conservationists will grow up and, in turn, help to care for and protect vital natural resources like the Volcan Mountain Range.

Please MAKE A DONATION today and invest in nature, youth and the Volcan Mountain Range. You can also telephone the VMF office at 760-765-2300 for assistance with your gift.

• Your $20 contribution provides three-days of nature camp for one participant
• Your $150 contribution supports a class group visit to Volcan Mountain
• Your $500 contribution covers two days of habitat restoration activities
• Your $1,000 contribution helps VMF guide ten Watershed Explorers visits to Volcan Mountain

The entire Volcan Mountain community is grateful for the support of so many...THANK YOU!

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