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Ian & Lucas take a break from trail work

Spencer Valley Students Help Forge More Trail on Volcan Mountain

With clippers, shovels and hoes in hand, Spencer Valley School students forged a new section of trail up to a 'sky island' on Volcan Mountain.  A whole host of tools that were recently donated to the Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) by Ransom Brothers Hardware in Ramona, made the work possible.  We are so appreciative for the support of our community partners like, Ransom Brothers.  An anonymous angel also donated three McLeods, in invaluable forestry tool.

Under the direction of VMF Education Coordinator, Kathleen Beck, students, parents and volunteers removed invasive species of non-native plants, built check dams to minimize erosion, and cleared and created a new section of trail.  Their reward was enjoying lunch at the top with a stunning view all the way to the ocean.

The third through eighth grade students have a special relationship with Volcan Mountain and VMF.  Since 2008, they have been spending time onVolcan studying local history and environmental science, and trying to illustrate the mountain's wonders in writing, art and photography.  It's an exciting opportunity to connect state standard curriculum with local resources.  This year the focus in on community service.  The trail the students helped build will allow future generations the chance to enjoy the mountain.  Perhaps someday they will bring their own children hiking on the trail!

In addition to the service learning, there's also the element of fun!  Faces striped and swirled with black charcoal from burned trees, students headed back down the new trail, chattering, singing, and laughing in their outdoor classroom.

Click here to learn more about VMF Service Learning Projects.

Submitted by Spencer Valley School teacher, Heidi Schlotfeldt


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Miss Kat & Spence Valley Students Get Ready to Hit the Trail