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San Diego County, California

Springtime on the Mountain

I love April! This is the month of the return of the Western Tanager, the Oriole's and the Hummingbirds.

This is the time of the Black Oak catkins, poppies, and the Sierra Gooseberry flowers.....

This is the time of river frog song and insect flight!

Yes, all of life is waking up from the winter slumber....

Time to get outside and take a hike on Volcan Mountain; climb the mountain and receive her blessings!

This time of year is so fun for me to go out and see who is awake.

I have noticed a few things different this year. The first is that the streams are not flowing. We have not been given the rain we need this year. Because of this we will likely see the flowers fading earlier, so make sure you get to see them. On May 25th you can join a hike with State Park Resource Manager, Larry Hendrickson. He is a joy to hike with for his knowledge of the natural world.

On June 1st, John Raifsnider and myself will be leading a Wonder Walk, which will be focusing on all of our 5 senses. Call the office for more detail: 760 765 2300

I have also noticed so many snakes so much earlier on the trail. The young rattler and the gopher snake I saw just last week reminded me that I should look where I am putting my boots this time of year. They do not appreciate being stepped upon. They actually look alike in coloring and they both blend in quite well. The difference is in their heads; the rattler having the triangular head  for storing its poison. Remember, that if you do get bit, call 911 and keep calm. Many bites are non-poisonous, dry bites.

That said, get out and enjoy the mountain! A whole other world awaits!



Title Image: 
Western Tanager