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San Diego County, California

Visitors to VMF's Volcan Mountain Nature Center in October!

Under the Oak Woodland Forest at VMF's Volcan Mountain Nature Center last month, VMF was visited by Le Petite Ecole, a French School in San Diego. The students learned about the local Oak Forest, drew pictures and planted Oaks in our Native Plant Nursery. The Native Plant Nursery was created with input from Sharyl Massey and Paul Cruz. It is a 15 x 20ft enclosure to keep it safe from local creatures.

Later in the month we were visited by the 6th Grade Camp Outdoor School in the Cuyamaca Mountain region. 59 students, harvested and planted oaks for us as well as hiked the Watershed Trail at the Nature Center. Our Native Plant Nursery is off to a great start!

We hosted two great lectures at the Nature Center with Teresa Gregor Phd and Ed Huffman from the Julian Historical Society. The First was on local First People and the second was on the last few hundred years of human habitation. The First People may have been here for over 10,000 years! Look for future lectures in December when Fred Jee visits the Nature Center to speak on local geology on December 3rd. Call Kathleen for more information 760 518 3273

Our remote viewing cameras continue to capture many interesting shots! We will be publishing a report soon on all the interesting life on the mountain. 

Come hiking with us Nov. 15th to the Sky Scope on our Sky Island Trail!

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