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San Diego County, California

VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team

The Volcan Mountain Foundation's newest addition to both Education and Research is VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team (WIT), a group of 10 volunteers who are helping to categorize and make sense of our vast number of remote camera viewing images. This group of 10 have been joined recently by Biology Professor Mike Mooring and his Conservation Biology students from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Together we are coming closer to understanding the fauna that live in the various habitats of the Volcan Mountain Range. So far the cameras have been place along the Sky Island Trail and in the riparian zone near the Nature Center. We have documented our first year with 6 cameras and have seen mountain lion, bobcat, coyote gray fox, deer, squirrel, racoon, opossum and various birds.

Thank you to volunteers: Mark and Sophia Lowder, Sheana Fry, Bill and Susan Carter, Don Whitson, Jane Santorumn, Alan Marvin, and Jerry and Maryann Miller. We have made a baseline of our first year with your help! We hope to continue into the next with the monitoring process and beyond. Perhaps someday we will have a transect on the mountain.

If you're interested in being a part of VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team, contact the VMF office at 760-765-2300 or info@volcanmt.org


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