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You Did It! You Helped Us Meet the Pintos' Preservation Matching Challenge!


Diane and Stan Coombs

Michael and Valerie Edinger

Dr. Hussein and Gloria El-Ghoroury

Sandy Fainbarg

Loie Flood

Monica and Michael Gallina

Joe and Anne Garcia

Gary and Debra Gernandt

Tom and Donna Golich

Donald and Rebecca Hanson

Lawrence Hargis

Robert and Linda Hemborg

Stephen and Katherine Hon

Suzi Jackson

Debbie and Scott Kinney -- Julian Theater Company

Ross and Anna Koonce

Tom and Cam Lay

Albert and Lydia Lewis

Jeff and Judie Lincer

Jason Lopez

David and Marcie Moody

Marcia Morris

Dorothy and Gary Mushet

Janet and Alan Nicol

Tom and Judy Parry

Denise Quigley

Rudy and Bettie Rikansrud

D. Reid Ross

S.P. Rutherford

James and Edie Seger

Jack and Sandra Shelver

Michael Sherman

Linda and Ken Todd-Limón

Glenda Kimmerly and Denis Trafecanty

Eldred and Virgina Tubbs

Doug Potts and Sara Van Ammelrooy

Dave and Mary Van Cleve

Jonna and Ken Waite

Charles Tatum and Linda Weber

Howard and Susan Wormsley

Richard and Marcy Yates

Joseph Young

While the matching challenge has been met, it's never too late to make a donation to support the Volcan Mountain Foundation.

You Can Still Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate


They've done it again! Will you! Will you meet the challenge and make a donation to support conservation on Volcan Mountain?

Your contribution is essential to meeting a new preservation matching challenge set by Michael and Meili Pinto. For their part, the Pintos will match EVERY dollar raised as part of this challenge, up to $15,000.

Will you please do your part? A gift of any size will help ensure that we can meet our ambitious goal of raising $15,000 -- now until October 31, 2019.

Every $1 donation becomed $2, and the $15,000 we raise becomes $30,000 for land preservation on Volcan Mountain.

Local conservation is as critical as ever to global sustainability.

A recent UN report on climate change underscores the important role that local land preservation organizations, like the Volcan Mountain Foundation, play in protecting and stewarding natural ecosystems -- our clean air and water, and where wildlife make their home!!

The report confirms that, from a scientific standpoint, LAND CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT ARE CENTRAL to how the world can mitigate climate change.

YOU are a vital part of this Volcan Mountain community and our shared mission to protect the biodiverse wildlands, native wildlife and water sources of the Volcan Mountains locally -- a mission which is integrally connected to broader global sustainability efforts.

Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate

Please 'act locally and think globally' and give generously so that we reach the necessary $15,000 match and raise $30,000 to preserve Volcan Mountain.

Please make your 2019 Matching Challenge gift…today:

  • Donate Now at: VolcanMt.org/Donate
  • Phone the friendly staff in the VMF office at 760-765-2300 (M-F from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)