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San Diego County, California

Action Alert: Help Save the SOS Smart Growth, Anti-Sprawl Ballot Measure

ACTION REQUESTED: Please act today!

Please send an urgent email to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors strongly opposing proposed last-minute language changes to the Save our San Diego Countryside (SOS) March ballot initiative. The full Board will vote on December 10, 2019.

Volcan Mountain Foundation partners in support of the SOS measure have provided the following background information and action links.

To send a comment using the County's online system, click HERE. Remember to check the "oppose" box.  https://sdcounty.granicusideas.com/meetings/1248-board-of-supervisors-meeting/agenda_items/5de8354e442538ab6701218e-17-ballot-question-submitted-to-voters-for-propos

For information on the agenda item, click here.   https://bosagenda.sdcounty.ca.gov/cob/cosd/cob/doc?id=0901127e80b426a0 

Here's a sample message:


I OPPOSE the new ballot language. Biased language should not replace the neutral language from County Counsel. A last minute, backroom deal would breach the public trust and destroy the Board's integrity.

The current language is non-technical, clear, and easily understood. The replacement is convoluted, prejudicial, and confusing. 

Will your Board be a political instrument of financial interests or retain the integrity of the democratic process? Please don't manipulate the ballot. Thank you


If you can attend, this critical hearing begins at 9 AM on Tuesday, December 10 at this new location:

County Operations Center/Campus Center Chambers
5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego 92123

To learn more about the SOS measure go to https://saveoursdcountryside.org.

Background on the upcoming Board of Supervisors vote from our friends with the Endangered Habitats League:

We are faced with backdoor attempt by the building industry to sabotage an election.

In March 2020, San Diegans will vote on Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside (SOS), to protect the County's "smart growth" General Plan and save wildlife habitat and farmland from land speculators and developers who want to build high-end  housing. This measure was put on the ballot by the petition signatures of over 100,000 San Diegans.

Last year, the Board of Supervisors approved fair and neutral ballot language to describe the measure. Now, one Supervisor - who is backed by developers financially - has proposed to change this language at the very last minute. His proposal is convoluted and confusing, and negatively portrays the measure. SOS was never consulted or given a chance to address any concerns. It is power play to undermine democracy.

San Diego Union Tribune article on the upcoming Board of Supervisors vote:  https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/communities/north-county/story/2019-12-05/sos-ballot-languge-story?fbclid=IwAR1ZUDAgrchBetg0RW6KbEKyzcAPQckfgMLdR7x2FrLUkVmAOK3hfn6-tdk