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San Diego County, California

2014 Fall-Kids With Cameras on Volcan Mountain-Photo by Jeff Holt

Because of Your Gifts...Thank You For Helping to Keep Volcan Mountain Wild!

The ‘wild’ and ‘wilderness’ have long been at the heart of humans, as well as, quite naturally, in our fellow creatures.

This year marks fifty years since the historic Wilderness Act was signed into law acknowledging that wilderness, and keeping large areas of nature wild, honors a great gift of nature that benefits wildlife and humans, and resonates with our heart.

In San Diego County, the Volcan Mountain Foundation connected with many partners to establish the Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve over 25 years ago.

Today, over 31,000 acres of the Volcan Mountain range are being kept wild and connect a vast network of natural lands from ‘coast to crest to desert’ and down into Baja!

Because of generous donors like you, VMF’s emerging Volcan Mountain Nature Center, now has a water well, a solar electric system, a native plant nursery, interpretive displays, an outdoor classroom, and a new Watershed Trail—all completed this year.

  •  Kids are seeing the beauty of Volcan Mountain through the lens of a camera and creating new works of beauty…
  •  Young people are connecting with the forest and learning about San Diego’s critical watershed communities…
  •  Life-long learners are discovering the treasures of Volcan Mountain’s natural and cultural history…
  •  Visitors of all ages are being enriched and becoming stewards of the Volcan Mountain range…

…because of your gifts!

There is much more of the Volcan Mountain range that still needs to be protected and kept wild.

There are many more people to connect to nature’s gifts through recreation, discovery and events like VMF’s Julian Film Festival.

There are generations of future stewards of nature to inspire.

Among the many gift choices that you will make this holiday season, please join me in giving generously to protect our wildlife, wildlands, and water with your tax-deductible gift to the Volcan Mountain Foundation.

On behalf of the entire Volcan Mountain community, thank you for your generous support…and for over 25 years of keeping Volcan Mountain wild!

With Gratitude,
Michael Pinto, Ph.D.
President, Volcan Mountain Foundation

P.S. Visit us at VolcanMt.org!  You’ll find information on upcoming talks, hikes, volunteer days and much more. Get signed up for monthly e-news updates…and you can easily make a secure gift online!

Title Image: 
2014 Fall-Kids With Cameras on Volcan Mountain-Photo by Jeff Holt