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Friends and Relaxed, Refined Hospitality Marked Balmy August Volcan Mountain Gatherings

Perfect weather, distinctive relaxed hospitality and delightful company marked Volcan Mountain Foundation gatherings in August. Two beautiful, balmy summertime evenings set the stage for the first-ever Sustaining Friends Summer Mingle hosted by Pat & Darrell Straube of Orchard Hill Country Inn and the Twilight Dinner at Sacred Mountain Ranch hosted by Marti Montbleau.


Jeff Holt & Jay Evarts and Susan Aurand & Cindy Hedgecock show off their shades! 

Sustaining Friends were all smiles as they headed out for a short, shady hike at the Santa Ysabel Preserve to gather juicy wild blackberries. But they were really looking forward to the happy hour reception awaiting them at Orchard Hill Country Inn. Along with an extra special offering of delectable hors d'oeurves prepared by Chef Doris, refreshing craft beers and distinctive wines, they also found a surprise history lesson awaiting them!


Cindy Hedgecock photographs berries, while David & Olivia Bantz pick berries with Eric Jones.

Brand new Sustaining Friend of Volcan Mountain, Jim Poirier came up from La Jolla and brought old memorabilia with him from the little-known and short-lived YMCA camp at Volcan Mountain. None of the Sustaining Friends knew that the YMCA had a camp in the foothills of Volcan Mountain in the 1950s! The camp property was later sold as the Y expanded Camp Marston on the other side of Julian in Pine Hills. Jim, whose dad was the Y's San Diego County Director of Camps at the time, gave an impromptu presentation; recollecting fondly his boyhood memories around the camp. He shared charming old photos, brochures and catalogs for the former camp--many of which featured Jim and other boys, fishing, hiking and exploring Volcan Mountain.


Thanks to Jim Poirier for his impromptu talk about the former Volcan Mountain YMCA camp.

Book-ending the week was the Twilight Dinner at Sacred Mountain Ranch--the second of VMF's Fab Feast benefit dinners for 2017. Our incomparable hostess, Marti Montbleau and her phenomenal crew at the Sacred Mountain Ranch Retreat have also refined hospitality to an art. While the Dog Days of August were pushing the daytime mercury, the evening was perfection, and Marti brings all the right elements together to create magic!


Cocktail hour on the patio, set off with beautiful guitar music and sunlit Volcan Mountain. 

Classically-trained musician, Alex Guillen's guitar, and golden afternoon light on Volcan Mountain, provided the perfect backdrop for cocktails and wine on the patio. Awaiting guests at the spectacular Sunset Plateau was a vision in white on an expanse of green grass. A number of guests chose to sink into plush, white sofas to watch the sun sink into the west with a glass of wine in hand as they awaited dinner.


Enjoying cocktails on the patio gave way to indulging in plush relaxation on the Sunset Plateau!

As twilight set in, guests indulged in delicious catering by Jeremy's On The Hill, enjoyed at a long, open table with crisp, white linens that afforded every guest a view of the stunning sunset while they dined. Dessert featured an unbelievably artistic mango tart, and a gluten-free chocolate cake from one of Marti's go-to stops in Del Mar. The final touches of Marti's hospitality included a beautiful fruit and cheeseboard, 12-year old Macallan Scotch, Grand Marnier, and for those so inclined an offering of fine cigars. Proving, once again, that Marti's dinners are not to be missed!


Connecting with old friends and taking in the setting sun before dinner.

Thank you to all the friends of Volcan that support the Volcan Mountain Foundation by attending these events, and special thanks to Pat & Darrell Straube, Marti Montbleau and their impeccable staffs for hosting!

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