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A Perfect Day for 2015 Sustaining Friends Spring Exploration!

The 2015 Sustaining Friends Spring Exploration on Sunday, May 17th had a turn-out of close to 30 participants, including some new faces! Thank you to all who came out and made it such a great day. The perfect weather didn’t hurt either!

It was fun to finally dedicate the composting toilet with a beautiful donor recognition plaque commissioned by MaryBeth Burnham and crafted by her friend and artist, Dan Evers of the Rainforest Art Project. Thank you to MaryBeth, Dan and all who gave as part of the Volcan Mountain Foundation’s first-ever crowd-funding project--as the plaque proudly proclaimed, because you, “Give a SCAT!” Next time you’re up for a hike or event at VMF’s Sky Island property, be sure and use the composting toilet and check out the plaque.

Thank you to Bill Augustus for being our very informational and enthusiastic guide as we explored a spring, meadow, and pond of Ferguson Flat. The hike was a little shorter than we’ve had in some years. We’ll be sure and factor in a longer opportunity to stretch the legs, of those that want to, on next year’s Spring Exploration. If anyone ever has any special ideas for little-explored areas that they’d like us to try to arrange for an Exploration destination, be sure and let us know!

The wind was pleasantly calm at the Ferguson Flat picnic area as the group enjoyed a delicious al fresco lunch with sandwiches provided by Sustaining Friends, Anita Nichols and Mom’s Pie House. After lunch the group reflected on the mission activities of the Volcan Mountain Foundation—building connections and partnerships for acquisitions, restoring and managing conserved land and engaging people of all walks to understand, care for, and protect the Volcan Mountain Range—and the vital importance of the contributions from the Sustaining Friends group to further these efforts.

Inspired, a challenge was put forth to try to double the Sustaining Friends of Volcan Mountain from its current level of almost 70 members to 140 members. We hope all Sustaining Friends will accept the challenge to engage a friend or couple that can add to this fun and vital group! Contact Colleen at the VMF office (760-765-2300 or colleen@volcanmt.org) for more information. Welcome to our two newest members, David Albert & Laura Klugherz—yes, Laura is the violinist that performed at the library this past Tuesday!

Naturalist Ken Wright offered terrific insight as well. He found a beautiful, healthy gopher snake before lunch for everyone to greet. Later on the optional Sky Island Trail hike, the group enjoyed learning from Ken that the Volcan Mountain Range is home to the relatively-rare bigcone Douglas-fir, discovering that you can wash your hands with ceanothus flowers, and checking on milkweed plants that hold promise to help sustain Monarch Butterflies on their annual migration. The happy hikers journeyed to the recently completed pipe scope designed by James Hubbell and built by metal-artisan, Bill Porter and many volunteers. Although afternoon clouds were beginning to roll in, a few peaks were able to be spotted by the hikers.

Thank you to all who have already made your Sustaining Friends contribution for 2015. Renewal reminders will be sent out soon for those that haven’t yet made their 2015 contribution.

Mark your calendars for the Sustaining Friends Fall Visioning Day on Sunday, October 18th, 2015. The approximate time will be 9:30am-1:30pm with location TBA. More information will be sent out by September. We hope as many Sustaining Friends as possible--current and new!--can join us for this important opportunity to help shape the future goals and activities of the Volcan Mountain Foundation!



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