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San Diego County, California

Teofulio Summit Preserved! 23 Acres of Volcan Mountains' Wildlands Protected in San Felipe Valley -- Donations Still Needed

JUST as we need some good news -- VMF helps with a much-needed win for Mother Nature and the Volcan Mountains!

The Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) is pleased to announce the acquisition this past week of 23 acres of unspoiled wildlands on the east side of the Volcan Mountains overlooking the San Felipe Valley! The habitat and connectivity of this property makes it an important win in the broader vision to protect and preserve the Volcan Mountains.

VMF appreciates YOU -- our dedicated Volcan Mountain family -- for helping to raise $15,000 in the past two weeks toward the $85,000 acquisition! THANK YOU!

Please celebrate with us by making a donation for Teofulio Summit!

It's not too late, and we still need your help.


Thank you to our donors that have already donated toward the Teofulio Summit property!

Donations of $5,000 or more
Althea and Daniel Brimm Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Institute for Law and Systems Research -- Alice Anda and Jim Ward

Donations of $1,000 or more
Diane and Stan Coombs
Michael and Barbara McBride
Dr. George Sardina

Donations of $500 or more
Jay Evarts and Susan Aurand
Lesley McClelland

Donations of $100 or more
Lawrence Hargis
Carolyn and Gordon Hoard
Dave and Mary Van Cleve
Ken Wright and Carol Schloo-Wright

Donations up to $100
Mark and Lori Barker
Judy Kemp
Scott and Gabriel Medina-Brzezinski
Gary Mitrovich
Shirley Norell
Andrea Peck
Philip Pryde, Ph.D.
Dan and Ellen Rubenson
Christine Stuenkel

VMF truly appreciates every contribution.  Please let us know of any errors or omissions.

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