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Thank You For A Successful Matching Challenge And Helping To Raise $62,000 For VMF's 2020 Bedrock Fund


Thanks to all of YOU -- VMF's MANY, MANY supporters -- we've raised just over $32,000 in matching donations for VMF's 2020 Bedrock Fund Matching Challenge!

Together with the $30,000 in challenge gifts from the Colwell, Pinto and Rubenson families, you have all helped raise over $62,000 in urgent funding to keep driving the Volcan Mountain Foundation's important work of preserving and protecting the Volcan Mountains.

We are gratified by the overwhelming support -- THANK YOU, ALL!

Photo: L. Blair Shamel

Thank you to our donors that donated to the 2020 Bedrock Fund!


Shantel and Rami Abdel -- Alter Experiences LLC

Cindy and Harvey Arntsen

Bill and Paula Augustus

Olivia Bantz

Mark and Lori Barker

Jane and Franklin Woody Barnes

Robert Bartlett

Kathleen Beck

Vicki Bergstrom

Bob and Anne Blessing

Robin Boland

Larry and Carolyn Boline

Diane and John Brockington

Samuel Brown

Martha Burgess and Rod Mondt -- In Tribute to Peter and Vicki Bergstrom

Bill and Susan Carter

Nancy Cline

Janine Colby and Scot Martin

Randal Colby

Joel and Kathleen Cook

Stan and Diane Coombs

Valerie Cournoyer

Yves, Diane and Samuel Cournoyer

Lynn Cox

Jeri and Rick Crawford

Andrew and Barbara DeGraw

Monica Demler

Shirley DuErmit

Daniel Durkes

Valerie and Mike Edinger

Dr. H.S. and Gloria El-Ghoroury

Emery Elles

Gayle Ensign

Jay Evarts and Susan Aurand

Loie Flood

Lisa Frank

Stacey Fraser -- Julian Imports

Monica and Michael Gallina

Anne and Joe Garcia

Kathleen Kline and Donald Garcia

Gary and Debra Gernandt

Tom and Gillian Gilhool

Kenneth Green

Muriel Gross

Barbara and George Groth, IV, MD

Nancy Hall

Cindy and Roger Hedgecock

Robert and Linda Hemborg

Larry Hendrickson

Pat Herrington

Linda Hill

Carolyn and Gordon Hoard

Stephen and Katherine Hon

Institute for Law and Systems Research -- Alice Anda and Jim Ward

Kimberly Kassner

Ann Keenan

Carol Kerridge

Jane Kirkeby

Don and Melanie Klika

Gary Kozlow

H. William Kuni

Howard and Virginia Levenson

Rich and Kathy Louv

Clark Mahrdt

Craig Maxwell

Barbara and Col. Robert McBride (Ret.)

Lesley McClelland

Dorothy McMahon

Karyn Meyer

Susan Meyer

Mimi Millen

Marti Montbleau -- Sacred Mountain Julian

Susan Morse and Russ Pfaff

Jill Murray

Dorothy and Gary Mushet

Pam and Greg Nelson

Cynthia J Norred

Shana Norell

Merleen O' Connor Ottaviano

John Peterson

Barbara Pschaida

Betsy and Chris Quinn

Rudy and Bettie Rikansrud

Patrick Roche

Daniel and Ellen Rubenson

S.P. Rutherford

Oliver A. Ryder

Jim Shultz

Kathy Seger

Szekely Family Foundation

Eileen Tellam

Michael Thacker

Patti and Steve Thornburgh

Denis Trafecanty and Glenda Kimmerly

Eldred F. Tubbs

Les and Audrey Turner

Cass Van Dyne

Bob and Barbara Vent

Ken and Julie Warren

Tom Webber

Barbara Williams

Susan and Howard Wormsley

Ken Wright and Carol Schloo-Wright

Richard and Marcella Yates

Anne McEnany and David Younkman


VMF truly appreciates every contribution.  Please let us know of any errors or omissions.

Updated 10-2-2020

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