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San Diego County, California

Welcome From New VMF President, Eric Jones

Many of you will have heard by now that Michael Pinto has stepped down from his role as president.  In the proud tradition of our leaders, he plans to stay close to the organization, continuing to serve on the VMF Board of Directors and on volunteer committees.  Under his wise counsel spanning a large portion of the organization's history, the foundation has preserved many thousands of acres and created VMF's Volcan Mountain Nature Center with its thriving conservation-focused education programs.  I feel fortunate to have worked with and learned from Michael over the past five years.

As this new leg of VMF's journey begins, I'm honored and excited to become president.  We'll continue our diligent focus on the mission to preserve Volcan Mountain for all generations.  Alongside a strong and diverse leadership team and our dedicated staff, I'll strive to protect this special place that I have grown to love.  On the way, we'll nurture community, apply scientific rigor to our stewardship, celebrate Volcan's inspirational beauty and reveal its wonder to the next generation of stewards.

I welcome you on this preservation journey to the remote heights of San Diego county, sharing a moment of silent reflection in the shade of ancient live oaks and proud Coulter pines, beside clear creek water forever flowing from its spring.  Just beyond perception we sense the thriving, vital wilderness community that surrounds us.

Carefully retracing our steps we leave the mountain as it was, knowing that with our help, it will always be.

Eric Jones
Volcan Mountain Foundation