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San Diego County, California

Cynthia Fletcher, Recipient of Rubenson Family Endowment Scholarship for 2015-2016

Carol Pike's vivid account of Rubenson Endowment artist visit on April 9, 2016

Despite the occasional April showers and lingering fog, Volcan Mountain Foundation board members extended a warm, welcoming introduction and photo trip up to Volcan Mountain's green crest for Cynthia Fletcher a noted oil painter visiting from Laguna Beach, California.

Ms. Fletcher is the first recipient to be awarded a scholarship from the Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Endowment for Art and Science at Volcan Mountain (for 2015-2016). The purpose of this generous endowment is to promote public appreciation of Volcan Mountain and its beauty and environmental diversity through art or scientific activities, much as Marge and Joe Rubenson enjoyed the world through their creativity and inquisitiveness.

A third generation artist, Ms. Fletcher has been exploring and creating art in various mediums since she was young. She studied at the Laguna Beach School of Art, The University of California at Santa Barbara, Saddleback Community College and numerous private studios. In 2015, Ms. Fletcher's art was exhibited at the prestigious, juried Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.

Her professional interests are focused on the seasonal development of plants and trees indigenous to Southern California, and are brought vividly to life by her talented and exacting brush. Ms. Fletcher is also an avid hiker and nature-lover, so she was a natural match to express the beauty and diversity of Volcan Mountain through her art.

She prefers to work in her studio from photos taken in the field to create her vibrant, colorful and richly detailed canvasses. The results of Ms. Fletcher's Volcan Mountain series will be displayed later this year in Julian, as well as at other prominent galleries and special events around California.

Thank you to the Rubenson Family for making this project possible, and to VMF board members, Carol Pike for co-chairing the Rubenson Endowment Committee with Eric Jones, and for her vivid account of the visit, to Jeff Holt for the photos of the visit, and to Sharyl Massey for sharing her naturalist talents.


Sharyl, Cindy, Eric & Cindy's husband, Jim             On the Volcan Mountain ridgeline near Ferguson Flat