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San Diego County, California

Starry, Starry Night Presented by Julian Dark Sky Network, Saturday, February 10th

Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 1:00pm

Saturday, February 10th the Julian Dark Sky Network (JSDN) will give a presentation at the Julian Library at 1pm about how we can help make sure that we will always have "starry, starry nights". In order to do that we must learn how to protect our night skies from light pollution.

Volcan Mountain has a long history with looking up to the stars, and conserving natural treasures like Volcan Mountain goes hand-in-hand with protecting night skies. But there's more than just protecting open spaces. Come to the presentation to learn more!

The topic "Darkness! Do We Really Need It?” will include a video talk by Paul Bogard, author of "End of Night,” and a presentation by lighting architect Paul Ericson about how to have both starry skies and outdoor lighting.

In his award-winning book, Bogard discusses the Bortle scale, a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night sky’s brightness in a particular location, with class 1 being among the darkest skies, and class 9 generally found in densely lit metropolitan locations.

He makes a case for protecting the night sky from light pollution, while balancing the need for sufficient light for safety.

On hand to demonstrate practical ways to achieve this goal, Ericson, a member of the San Diego Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association, will present a display of lighting fixtures and discuss how to design outdoor lighting for its best advantage to facilitate star gazing as well as create safe, beautifully lit environments.

The Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve hosts several night-time, star party hikes throughout the year in partnership with the Julian Dark Sky Network.

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