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Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Endowment for Art and Science at Volcan Mountain

*** 2019 residency applications are due by December 3rd, 2018. Download 2019 application information HERE ***

Joseph and Marjorie Rubenson have been passing along their love of, respect for, and curiosity about nature for many decades.  From the time their kids were young, they would hit the road for camping and backpacking trips that would lead them on nature adventures far and wide.  Curiosity and nature go hand in hand.  Kids are naturally curious, and when adventuring in nature, you can’t help but explore and discover.  Those kids are now adults with families of their own, heading out on nature adventures of their own.  Caring for, learning about and conserving nature is indeed a family legacy.

In 1985, Joe and Marge followed in the lead of their son, David, and acquired a second home in Julian, in the foothills of the Volcan Mountain range.  So began a love affair with Julian and Volcan Mountain that is shared with their extended family and friends.  Joe, a retired-engineer, was always curious, and Marge equally so.  That curiosity is expressed in a broad range of scientific and artistic interests across the family:  Joe is a published photographer, Marge is an accomplished ceramist and potter, David translated his fascination with science to medicine, his wife Kathie creates exquisite botanical drawings.

In 2014, the family, longtime supporters of the Volcan Mountain Foundation, initiated the Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Family Endowment for Art and Science at Volcan Mountain with the purpose of:
Promoting public appreciation of Volcan Mountain and its beauty and environmental diversity through art or scientific activities, as Marge and Joe Rubenson enjoyed the world through their creativity and inquisitiveness.

The endowment fund is growing with substantial contributions from the Rubenson family and friends. Additional contributions are welcomed for this endowment fund to increase the capacity of the art and science activities that it supports. Please contact the VMF office at 760-765-2300 to make a gift.

2016 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Cynthia Fletcher

2017 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Robert Treat

2017 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Adrianne Smits

2018 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Sally Snipes

2018 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Shaun O'Dell and Angela Berry

2018 Rubenson Family Endowment Recipient - Nicolas Reveles