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Watershed Relief Map Celebrates Volcan Mountain’s Watershed Year

Photo by Jeff Holt

Over a year ago, Kathleen Beck, Education Coordinator for the Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF), envisioned a watershed relief map that could help teach visitors about Volcan Mountain’s vital watershed sources, and give them a hands-on experience on how watersheds function.  She presented the idea for the 3D representation to a once local artist, Eleanor War


Photo by Kathleen Beck

Our wildly successful class in Elderberry syrup making is impelling us to proceed with our second class in Wildcrafting. On October 11th Kathleen Beck and Janice Bina-Smith will offer a Wildcrafting class on the subject of Acorns and Manzanita berries. We will be making Acorn cookies and Manzanita sugar. We will also be sampling the apples that grow on the Volcan Mt.

VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team

The Volcan Mountain Foundation's newest addition to both Education and Research is VMF's Wildlife Imaging Team (WIT), a group of 10 volunteers who are helping to categorize and make sense of our vast number of remote camera viewing images. This group of 10 have been joined recently by Biology Professor Mike Mooring and his Conservation Biology students from Point Loma Nazarene University.